Bimperl creates extraordinary value by identifying, developing and marketing the finest emergent classical, jazz, pop, and contemporary country artists that possess broad market appeal.


Bimperl Entertainment champions new artists and music genres by applying modern production tools and techniques with disruptive marketing and distribution technologies, pioneering new paradigms in music.

Private World-Class Recording Facility that combines the best of both old world and modern production techniques via Concert D Studios:


Two Concert D Pianos from the Steinway Concert & Artist Shop CD285 (Van Cliburn) and CD 405 (Kissin et al), maintained by Steinway C&A Master Technicians.


Vienna Symphonic Library for Film Scoring and Orchestral Mockups.


Protools HDx and Pyramix DSD with the finest Microphone Cabinet, Preamps, Converters, IOs, Monitoring Systems, and Extensive Collection of Plugins, Software Synths, and Restoration Tools.


Turnkey pop production capability: vintage synthesizers and keyboards, Hammond B3, over 100 vintage guitars, basses, and amplifiers, extensive collection of Orchestral and World Percussion Instruments.



Greg Knowles





Jim Fallon

Larry McGowan


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