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Larry McGowan was classically trained on piano --later becoming a church organist, choir director and arranger.  Larry was also known for his part in Rat Race Choir.


Larry is especially fond of playing the Mellotron (strings) and with his classical background and his unique sense of orchestration, his signature and feel is unmistakable in his productions.


McGowan first joined Rat Race Choir in 1969. Bringing with him his Hammond B-3 and 2 leslie speaker cabinets, unheard of at that time. For a period of years, he brought up to 7 Leslie cabinets on stage for his Ebony Hammond C-3. Larry (Laz), became known as "Larry McGowan and his Wild Herd of Leslies".



Larry's influences include Keith Emerson, Mike Pinder (Moody Blues), Chopin, Debussy, Procol Harum and even Billie Holliday and the Big Band sounds.

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